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Piano Yoga Mat

This custom yoga mat has been designed for MUSAYO, a program that teaches music through the practice of yoga. Half of the yoga mat has two octaves of a piano printed on it starting with the letter “C” or solfege syllable “Do”. It can be used to practice yoga and learn more about music at the same time.

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Music Arts and Yoga is a music education program that teaches the basic elements of music through engaging games, yoga, and art. Kids learn to identify and describe music symbols, the music alphabet, solfege, and rhythm values. They apply this knowledge while practicing yoga in a customized yoga mat designed specifically for this program. Kids need no previous knowledge of music, yoga or art to participate.

This program continues to be developed and designed by Mariela Contreras, a local San Diego musician and educator. Mariela has over ten years of experience performing and over 5 years of experience teaching music.  Mariela has completed the Asanas for Autism and Special Needs Level 1 Training with Shawnee Thornton Hardy and is pursuing Level 2 of this training. Mariela is in the process of completing her bilingual multiple subject and music credential from San Diego State University.


“I’ve always referred to Mariela as a “child whisperer”.  There are special people in this world that understand kids, connect with them and thrive amongst them.  She is truly the best of them. My own young daughters love and adore her. I entrust them in her care without reservation.  Mariela has taken her passions and highest callings and married them in to a program that only she could deliver. Thank God there are musicians and educators in this world like her.  I’m so grateful that she is offering her services. Her past, present and future contributions to the greater good are immeasurable.”

Danielle Tucker,
Singer/vocal coach

The Spring Break Music Camp was so well done and a lot of fun! I was so impressed with Mariela and the other amazing leaders who showed up ready to go and were so good at connecting with the children who came. It was both a fun and meaningful experience, and I know it was a benefit to the neighborhood children. One of the parents shared with me that their daughter had been hoping to take music lessons, and with finances and scheduling conflicts this was the perfect opportunity to get that started. Every day children and their parents came and left the camp with smiles and a sense of gratitude for what was being taught. Looking forward to an opportunity to do this again!

– Rev. Jessica Strysko,
Teaching Pastor of the Water’s Edge Faith Community

Mariela worked with our Special Education Students to enable them to develop a love and passion for music. Her creative and engaging activities had everyone participating! What makes Mariela so special is that while the students are enjoying the music, they are also learning about music! Mariela has a natural warmth and easy going personality that resonated with our students. She is indeed a gem!

-Muriel Bianchi, Principal
Banyan Tree Foundations Academy San Diego, CA

Mariela was one of my employees at the San Diego Prevention Research Center and since a friend. Mariela is a talented, smart, and skilled in so many different areas of life. Most importantly, she is passionate about being a contribution to others.  For as long as I’ve known her she has always had as commitment to learning how she can making a difference for others and create positive change in the world. In everything I’ve ever seen Mariela, as one of my research associates to her music career, she is committed, reliable, and always produces excellent quality work. It was a joy to work with her and she was an asset to my team. I know she will continue to create amazing things.

Marisa Molina,
Founder of Hello Beautiful Health &

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