Photo of Tres


In 2012, Mariela Contreras joined renowned guitarists Robert Chini and Jorge Cambers to form Latin-Pop ensemble, Tres. This dynamic and bilingual trio is working on an album intended for wine enthusiasts who enjoy mellow rhythms.Photo of Tres with white background

+Con Todo

Mariela’s newest project is performing with her band, Con Todo! The group encompasses young and versatile musicians who play a combination of Latin-American rhythms, Jazz, and R&B! 

Budapest in Spanish


At the tender age of 5, Mariela began playing the piano and has recently rediscovered her passion for the instrument. She recently joined singer Sydney Yien for a piano and singing residency at Truluck’s La Jolla. Come see her and Yien perform every Thursday from 5:30 pm until 10:00 pm at the upscale seafood and steakhouse eatery.

Photo of Mariela